Medical books arrive for Mary Help College

17th February 2021 | Blog

With more than 300 students, Mary Help College of Nursing and Midwifery in South Sudan was pleased to receive a shipment of brand new, carefully selected medical books for their students and staff.

The books are used by tutors at the college, students in the library, staff in hospitals and for in-service training. 

Students and staff sort and organise the books together

“The books are very very useful. It is difficult to get medical books in South Sudan. In the college of nursing, the students were very happy to get the books.”

They are able to prepare themselves to be the future nurses and midwives of our country. 

“The students have been depending on only the class notes given by the teacher for past years. Now the books have arrived, the students are able to read, understand better and increase their knowledge.”

Nursing students can now take books out of the library to study from

It’s only through the help of our dedicated supporters that we are able to continue sending up to date medical books to those who have little or no access to them. Please consider making a donation today.