“I believe I can make it”

31st March 2021 | Blog

In Kenya, around one million children are out of school and many schools in remote areas lack adequate infrastructure, textbooks and other learning resources. Often very few young people have access to quality books.

That’s why since 2017 we’ve sent local NGO, Lewa, who works with around 20 schools in the foothills of Mount Kenya, around 2,000 books a year – all kindly donated by UK publishers and specifically requested by Lewa.

We heard from Faith and Abigail, two students who attend schools supported by Lewa, who told us how the books they now have access to have impacted their lives. 

Faith told us how she attends school and reads books to help her reach her goals. 

“After my formal studies, I aspire to do a fashion and design course at degree level. My biggest motivation is myself. I believe I can make it.

“I read as many novels as possible.”

If it were not for Book Aid International, I would not have interacted with the many different types of novels as I have done. The books have improved my speaking skills, grammar and they keep me busy!”

Abigail attends a neighbouring school and has also found that the books you helped us to send have made an impact on her studies.

Abigail has been entering spelling competitions


“I have read 17 storybooks this year which have improved my grammar and speed. I also participated in the Spelling Bee Championship TV show in my country. Book Aid International has put me ahead of other spellers because I have more access to books. This year I am looking forward to participating in the spelling bee contest and bringing back the grand prize to my school.

“Thank you Book Aid international. I perform well because of the knowledge in books.”

The books have really helped me improve my language, grammar, speech and writing. It is also a good way of keeping my mind engaged during leisure time. If I would not have interacted with the books my grammar would be as weak as it was before. I could not have met some many new people and my relationships would be poor.”

Without your support, students like Aibgail and Faith wouldn’t be able to access the high quality, up to date books that are inspiring them and helping them learn. Thank you for your continued support that allows us to send books around the world to those who need them most.