Comboni’s story

18th June 2021 | Blog

“My name is Comboni and I am 18 years old. I arrived in Kakuma refugee camp in 2012 from South Sudan.

I came because of the war that was tearing and eating our country.

Some of my relatives of course must be dead due to war, some of them were killed and those of us who survived did so because we didn’t go in the same direction. I just came here with some of my cousins, they were my same age.

We walked and we borrowed a car from a rebel site, we had no money so we came here.

 My favourite subjects are English, mathematics and physics.

Mathematics isn’t like work, it is just playing around with numbers. And English is also easy to understand. Plus physics is what I want to pursue for further study. I want to be an electronic engineer.

The new books are going to help in giving me access to different information.

There is a small library that we have access to, but if there were a bigger library I am very sure people would use it because they’d get access to all that they need!”

Since we spoke to Camboni, thanks to the support we’ve received from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we’ve been able to give 25,000 pupils access to brand new books in their school libraries. We would like to thank players for their support.