Isha and Esther’s dreams

2nd July 2021 | Blog

Thirteen-year-old Isha loves to sit and read in the quiet of her local library. Last year, Isha’s school was closed due to coronavirus, meaning she had to make do with the few books she had at home. Whatever the future holds, Isha hopes she can continue to read, learn and follow her dreams. 


“I want to be a journalist! The books in the library help me to develop my vocabulary and learn difficult words that I did not know, these help me be a journalist.

 I wish there were more books in the library.

I like the library because it is somewhere quiet where I can sit and read books. In our class it is very noisy, that’s why I like to sit in the library to read books. The hardest thing about not being able to go to school was I did not have enough textbooks to read. I wish there were more books in the library. Please continue to send us more books.”

Though only nine years old, Esther is already dreaming of passing on her love of books to the next generation.


I am so happy to be back at school because when I am at school I can read aloud with books. When school was closed, I sat at home and went over my notes. There were radio lessons, but I didn’t listen to them because we didn’t have a radio at home. It made learning difficult. When I am older, I want to be a teacher. I love libraries and will teach children how to read.”

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