“I want to see my kids fulfil their dreams”

14th July 2021 | Blog

Mariama knows how important books can be in turning dreams into reality, that’s why she’s determined to make sure all six of her children access quality reading materials, no matter what.

“My name is Mariama, I am married with six kids, they are between 19 and five. We are living with another family, and in our home books are a priority.

In our home books are a priority.

Last year, when the pandemic meant that there were no schools it was hard – all the kids were home, we couldn’t go to the library, we couldn’t get books from there and come home with them to engage the kids with reading. None of us could go out.

Mariama and her sons sit and read together

In the home, the challenge is the space – we don’t have enough space for all the kids. We are all living together, and the area that we are living in is noisy because we have a street trading area and we are in the middle of town so there is a lot of noise that can stop the kids when they are reading. It made it hard for them.

The library opened up after a while, now when you go there you use a mask and wash your hands, so we can go.

When I was going to school myself, I was going to the library and that’s why I know it is necessary, so I took my kids there too. I benefited from going there a lot, it helped me with reading skills and vocabulary – but there was no children’s section back then. Now for the kids, it’s helping them improve a lot with their schoolwork.  

Since the kids go to the library they are doing well, they are improving greatly.

Before they didn’t know how to read, but now they can read by themselves. I can ask them to read a story for me and they do!

Mariama reads with one of her daughters

My kids like to read different things, some story books, some adventure books. My girls, they like the characters, then the boys, they like adventure books. Sometimes we use an atlas, sometimes we use different stories so they can learn different things. My youngest son likes a book called The Lizard Family. I think it’s because we have a large family, he likes to come home with it and read it for all of us. They all learn so many things in the books. 

My hope is that I want to see my kids fulfil their dreams.

I ask them, what do they want to be in life? Something, doctor, lawyer. So I want to see them fulfil all their dreams, that’s my wish.”