Alfred’s Story

20th July 2021 | Blog

“Hello, My name is Alfred Kamara and I’m 16 years old.

I live at Goderich in Sierra Leone with my parents and I have one sister and two brothers.

I like going to school, I study science because I want to be a doctor – a medical doctor. There are now many books that are in the library that we use in school for science, like Chemistry, Biology, and others.

It was really hard for me when schools were closed because at that time I had to take my second national exam, but I was lucky to take some books from the library that I needed for my exam. We have sat the exam, and I passed it!

If I wasn’t able to borrow those books it would have been harder because the school was closed in the middle of the second term and at that time we need lots of notes for our exams so if I were not having those books I could have failed.

Books are so important to me because books help me to become what I want to be in the future. Like I said before, I want to be a doctor. Without books, I can’t be able to access that future. But with books I can read and study to become a doctor. When the pandemic is over I would like the community to send their kids back to school, so that they may read and they too will be future leaders for Sierra Leone.

I would like to thank Book Aid International for the books they have sent to us, I would like them to send more books if they can.”

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