Abigail’s story

11th November 2021 | Blog

Abigail is a librarian at the National Library in Kabarnet, Kenya. She has experienced first-hand the difference books can make to livelihoods, and that’s why she is passionate about helping children use the library to shape their futures. 

“My name is Abigail, I work in the Kenya National Library in Kabarnet and I am 47 years old.

At first, I was working as a cleaner. I achieved a D+ and I didn’t do well in my exams, so I restudied and achieved a C+ so then at least I became a national librarian. I was promoted and then I said ‘let me continue’. So I studied for a diploma here in Kabarnet and then I said ‘let me continue my degree in university!’. 

What really helped me is books. This library was started in 1988. I was the first to be employed here, and I am still here to educate people to read books, so I am really happy about that. And I am planning on continuing to pursue a master’s in library and information studies. It makes me really happy. 

Abigail helps a young reader in the library

When I was younger, my parents had no money, so my lack of funds for school was my problem, and then my father was sick and that is why I didn’t get a good grade. So I returned later, I now have a good salary thanks to my diploma and this uplifts me to get another promotion, to get funds for my masters and to live a good life.

The books here are easy to understand and read out loud. I correct children on how to read so they understand the spelling and pronunciation of the words. At one time we had no computers, so books are important. I really appreciate this library and the book provided by the donors. The children love to read them.”

With a special thanks to our dedicated supporters who help to send around a million books every year to libraries just like the one Abigail works in.