Meet Elias – the big thinker

16th November 2021 | Blog

Elias is a boy with a lot of hopes and dreams. He loves singing in the choir and playing football. But most of all he loves reading. Every week he gets a new book from the school library to expand his knowledge and he knows that without books, there’s no such thing as a proper education.

“My name is Elias, I am fourteen years old, in grade seven and I live with my mother and two brothers – my father passed away.

I like playing football. Number 8 specifically, Messi is my favourite, then Ronaldo. I support Barcelona and Manchester. I also like singing gospel in the choir and I like reading.

When school was closed I missed learning with my friends. That’s why it’s important to have books. 


I like reading stories and things that aren’t real – they make me happy. I like reading at home with my older brothers – but we only have one book and they’re older than me so don’t have time for reading with me.

Without books, there would be no development in this school. Children would not be able to read or speak English. That’s why we need books!”

 Many families like Elias’s are unable to afford books at home. That’s why we work to send books to schools like the one Elias attends to help make sure that students get the best possible education.

With your support, we could reach thousands more students. Please consider sending a gift this Christmas to help give children the start they need to create a better life. 


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