Meet Martha – the doctor in the making

22nd November 2021 | Blog

Martha is something of a pioneer in her family, many of whom never got the chance to learn to read. An avid devourer of books on English, science and maths – she’s also a real lover of stories.

Martha often reads stories to those members of her family who can’t enjoy reading a wonderful book themselves. After school she plans to go to university, following in the footsteps of the people she reads about at school, by becoming a doctor.

“My name is Martha and I am 17. I live with my mum, Grandad and two sisters. At school, I like reading storybooks and running. I like doing Mathematics, English and Science. 


I like reading because I know how to! I learnt to read here at school. I started learning about the alphabet – after that handwriting and now, I can read books. Before I didn’t even know how to spell my name but now know. 

Durning lockdown I missed learning, hanging with friends, and the library was closed so we could not get books. 

At home the others don’t know how to read, so I read for them. It makes me feel good.

I want to finish school, go to university and be a doctor. I want to take my medical exam and pass. Books give me hope for my future because I have seen others in books doing things that I want to do. Books encourage me to do things.”

Across the world, there are millions of children who have never held a new book or had one to take home. Books can give children like Martha the chance for a better future.

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