Naluca’s story

1st December 2021 | Blog

“My name is Miss Naluca Mwitelela. I’m a teacher here at Rosa Mystica Community School in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

We teach hundreds of children who have very challenging lives. Some have been left out of government schools. Others have lost their parents and have no one to look out for them. What most have in common though, is that they arrive here unable to read – because they’ve never had access to a book.

A book means everything to them, yet so many have nobody to buy them one.

When we first received books from Book Aid International here, I was delighted. The children were delighted. The whole school was delighted!


The children really use these books. I’ve been teaching at this school for more than 20 years. Most of the children that I’ve taught are now working, thanks to books.

Some are teachers and nurses. There’s a lawyer. Others are at college and university. They have achieved a lot in their personal lives and helped improve the lives of their parents too.

That’s why it’s so important that children in my class not only learn to read but can keep getting new books that help them grow.

Books on different subjects can give a child a chance to build a wonderful life. Because every time a child turns the page of a book, they’re taking another step towards a happier and better future.


My favourite thing about being a teacher is that you meet these children who know so little about the world. When you teach them with books, they come to know things, you help give them a future.

You help give them a future.

I believe that when a child doesn’t read regularly, they become blank again. As a result, they may end up not being able to read at all, as if they have never been to school. They will forget what they’ve learned, they will forget how to read. As a result, whole communities will suffer, there’ll be no one to enlighten others.

Please, help children to keep getting wonderful books, so they have the chance to learn to read – and change their own lives.”

For many students who do not have access to books at home, school is often the only place they can read, study and discover new worlds. With your support this Christmas, we can reach thousands more students with the books they need to change their lives.

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