Hassan’s story

10th December 2021 | Blog

Earlier this year one of our partners in Sierra Leone, Educaid, received 2,220 brand new books that were distributed to 70 schools, all thanks to our wonderful supporters.

We heard from Hassan, a teacher at one of the schools who told us about the impact the books have had. 

“My name is Hassan. I am from an extended family – a family of 25. I came from a small village called Layah. I am currently teaching for EducAid Sierra Leone.

I attended EducAid myself and I got my university education through them. Before this time, I was not thinking I could reach this peak with my education because I came from a poor background but with the help of them, they gave me the opportunity to get my junior and senior high school education and my university education as well.

I have been reading the books from Book Aid International on a frequent basis. Many of them have helped me in my teaching.

I have learned fantastic ideas from reading them which I always try and put into practice.

The books have played a crucial role in improving my literacy skills and the ideas I learn from them have always been useful and crucial in my teaching practice. Actually, they are helping me to become the best teacher I can be.

They are helping me to become the best teacher I can be.

If it hadn’t been for the books that were donated to EducAid, I would have just been using the same ideas I gained from my college which I now know are very limited. Besides, my reading skills would have not improved to this point.”

Hear more stories and find out more about what you make possible for people like Hassan at bookaid.org/impact.