Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

14th March 2022 | Blog

Faraja was a Gold Award winner in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021. Out of a record-breaking 25,648 competition entries, only 1,382 were selected as Gold Awards so we caught up with Faraja this Commonwealth Day to find out what inspired her to write her essay and what advice she might have for anyone looking to enter in 2022. 

My name is Faraja. I’m 17 this year and I went to school at Choma Secondary School, located somewhere in the southern parts of Zambia. I recently finished school, just about a week ago.

I look to get involved in whatever opportunities I can, and English is one of my interests. I recently developed an interest in books for improving my vocabulary.

Books help in a lot of ways – the more books you read, the more your vocabulary enhances, and they also help in creativity. It helps you to imagine how to get out of your world and get into a different world and make something up for yourself.

I believe taking an opportunity will somehow benefit you somewhere. You could win, you could not win… but at the end of the day, there could be something you can get out of it. 

Entering this competition gave me some kind of courage to take a step in other things too. If I was able to write this big essay, well I could probably do something else too and take a step to other challenging things. Nothing now is too big for me. 

So no matter how big something is and no matter how small you might think you are, something good can come, as long as you take a step. It could get you somewhere. Everyone else who enters is just a human being like you, so anyone can do it. As long as you have a passion for it, you can do anything – you don’t need to look at the chances or anything, just look at the fact that if there is a possibility, then it is possible. 

If I were thinking of what advice I’d give to someone who wanted to enter the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition I’d refer to a certain song that I love: I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack. In her song, she says, ‘when you get the choice to sit it out, or dance, I hope you dance.’

Personally, I have this overwhelming passion for getting to know new things. I know that at the end of the day, of course, you can never get all the knowledge in the world. Einstein tried that, and he admitted he couldn’t. But I think one of the best things about life is getting to know something new every day, and getting to use that to make a better future for yourself.

The last thing I’d say is all in all just take a chance and believe in yourself!

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2022 opens this week – visit their website at royalcwsociety.org to find out more.


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