Eletina’s story

“Reading has made me somebody”

Eletina dreams of being an oncologist when she's older, and the brand new books in her library are helping her to achieve that dream.

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Mayol's story

Escaping civil war

Mayol is a refugee. He dreams of returning home and building peace in South Sudan - and books in his school are helping him get there.

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Omar's story

A Syrian childhood

Omar lives with his family in Syria. Civilians there live under constant threat, but books offer Omar an escape.

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Alfred’s story

A child’s right to education

Meet Alfred, a parent and teacher who sees daily how brand-new books impact the lives of his students.

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Anne's story

Empowering girls

Madame Anne knows that books can empower girls to follow their dreams.

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George's story

Learning after lockdown

16 year old George Osafo lives in Ghana. George usually studies at his school library, but from May to October 2020 it was closed due to the virus. Read why he believes books are key to his future.

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Florence's story

Sparking a love for learning

Florence is a teacher in Northern Ghana. She's using books to ignite a new hunger for learning.

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Rita's story

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Rita never got to go to school - so she can't read or write. But with the help of books you help to send, she's helping her daughter Mary build a brighter future.

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