Give a child a chance this Christmas.

A gift today could send books to help give children like Elias a chance this Christmas.

Disadvantaged children deserve a chance for a better life.

Across the world, children want to build lives for themselves. But if they can’t learn to read they won’t get that chance – and it’s much harder to learn to read without books.

With no access to reading materials, students like Prisca aren’t able to grow or build a better life for themselves.

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Books help me to know how to read and understand. And to become a nurse, to help the sick.

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Every £2 can help send a book to help a vulnerable child learn to read

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For a vulnerable child, every turn of a page is a step towards a better life.

Thanks to you students like Elias are one page closer to a better future. In 2021 we can reach our goal of sending over a million books across the world. But to do this we need your support – every £2 you donate helps to send another life-changing book.

I only have one book at home, I read with my brother. Books are important in my life. Without them there would be no development at school.

By donating today, you could help give books to thousands more children – along with the life-changing chance to learn to read. Each book can help give a reader the start they need to create a better life.

Every £2 you donate could send a book and change a future.

Please give what you can today using the link below or by calling us on 020 7733 3577.


Help give children like Prisca and Elias a chance

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