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How to request books

We are always happy to hear from organisations in need of new books in English.

However, please note that we receive many more requests for books than we can meet and we assess each request on a case by case basis. This means that we can often take some time to respond to your enquiry.

Who can apply for books

Please note as well that we cannot provide financial support for the construction or running of libraries. We also do not support individuals in need of books for their own purposes.

Before applying for books, please check that your organisation meets the following minimum criteria for book donations: Your organisation must:

  • be in one of our current countries of operation 
  • be a not-for-profit or state/publicly-funded organisation in one of the following sectors: public and community libraries; services for refugees, people at risk of displacement or marginalised groups; schools; training colleges; prisons; NGOs; higher education or medical institutions
  • have a secure and accessible area for the books and a designated person who will be responsible for them
  • be able to collect the books from a national distribution partner and pay a small fee towards their costs
  • be able to provide detailed feedback reports to the distribution partner
  • be able to demonstrate that you have a genuine need for books in English.

How to request books

If your organisation meets the above criteria, there are two ways you can request books:

Option one: If you are in one of our current countries of operation, please contact our distribution partner in your own country. 

Option two: If you are not in one of our countries of operation or you would like to discuss your need for books with us in greater detail, please complete our ‘Book Donation Enquiry Form’ using the link below