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Donate to provide books as schools reopen, so children can believe a better future is still possible.

We can’t waste this moment.

As schools reopen around the world, we must do everything in our power to help children catch up on all the learning they have missed.

In many countries where we work, families are unable to afford books for their children – no matter how much they want to. So when schools and libraries were forced to close for months on end because of the pandemic, children had nothing new to read or learn from.

Now books really can help children dream again. They will help children discover who they can be – and gain the knowledge they need to follow their dreams.

Please give whatever you can today to help us urgently send more books to communities worldwide: Donate now.

Books help me to become what I want to be in the future. I want to be a doctor. Without books I can’t be able to access that future.
Alfred, age 16, student in Sierra Leone

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1.5 billion children have been out of school for months – often with no books at all.

71 million people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty – meaning millions of children may never return to school.

But, despite the pandemic, we still sent out 867,567 books worldwide in 2020.

Now, with your support, we will provide more books than ever.

Please give what you can using the link below or by calling us on 020 7733 3577.

We have a responsibility to help the younger generation to dream. There’s nothing that can take the place of books.
Philippa, a mum of two in Sierra Leone

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