Syria map


  • 41.0%
    Population with at least some secondary education*
  • 154 out of 189
    Human Development Index ranking*
  • 6.1 million
    People internally displaced*

Country profile

Syria is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has a deep, rich artistic and cultural heritage. Its recent history has been dominated by conflict.

In 2011, peaceful protests began following the arrest and tourture of a group of activists who sprayed ati-government graffiti. Within a year, those protests had escalated into all out war. At least 321,000 people are dead or missing and Syria’s infrastructure has been utterly devastated.

Children walking to school

Why we work in Syria

The conflict in Syria destroyed many educational institutions including schools. The schools that remain are over-subscribed and have no funding to purchase books.  This means there is a severe shortage of books in schools, especially in Idlib governate which is now the most densely populated area of Syria as many people displaced by conflict in other parts of the country have sought shelter there. Many of these people now live in refugee camps which are often under supplied.

Our work in Syria

In Syria, we work with NGO Syria Relief to supply brand new, inspiring children’s books to support their work with school children, orphans and those attending safe spaces for those too traumatised to attend a traditional classroom schools in northern Syria. We also donated thousands of medical, higher education and teacher training books to support students and staff at Idlib University.


*UN Human Development Index 2019

Syria 2019: Our work in numbers


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