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Don’t let learning stop here

Meet the girls whose lives are changing through the power of books.

Right now there is a severe crisis affecting school-age girls. In the UK, after the Covid-19 lockdowns, we knew that every single child in the UK would be required to go back to school. But in many other countries, millions of girls will never get to go back into a classroom.

Some have had to start working to support their families. Some have gotten married or fallen pregnant. Many more simply come from communities where families don’t think girls need to be in school.
Up to 11 million girls won’t be returning to school after the pandemic. But their learning doesn’t have to end here.

If you donate £10 to send books today, you can make sure nothing stops these girls from reading.

Together we can work with local people like Florence, a primary school principal and  Gifty a reading teacher to help girls keep learning. They’ll instil a love of reading early on in the girls in their care. If we can help fill community and mobile libraries with the books, those girls will have everything they need to keep reading and learning, whatever happens in their lives.

Hear from some Florence, Gifty and student Faustina:


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