Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place in the world to give birth.

The country has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. Many of these deaths are preventable – but there are not enough healthcare workers. Those who are practising rarely have up-to-date medical books and lack access to life-saving information.

Books save lives

The brand new medical books you can send are life-saving.

Betty is just one of the thousands of medical workers around the world who relies on these brand new books you provide.

Severe bleeding is the leading cause of maternal deaths for her patients – but using the books you send, midwife Betty has learnt new procedures to save mothers’ lives during labour.

Sierra Leonean midwife Betty with one of her life-saving books

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Betty is saving lives today, but there are still so many midwives and doctors like her who do not have the books they need to learn life-saving techniques in Sierra Leone and around the world. The need for books is endless.

A doctor with a recently delivered baby

We have the books that they need ready to go – but we need more funds to ship them. Your gift today will give a medical professional like Betty the information she needs to save lives.

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We would like to thank our partner in Sierra Leone, Practical Tools Initiative, for their inspiring work putting healthcare texts in the hands of practising professionals.