Mosul University once housed more than one million books, periodicals dating back to 1700 CE and versions of the Quran from the 19th century.

When Islamic State occupied Mosul, the library was one of their first targets. They destroyed the library in a direct attack on learning and free thought – burning over one million books in what UNESCO called “one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history.”

Life is now returning to Mosul – but the 50,000 students and university staff returning to the university are struggling to complete their academic work without the books they need.

We have committed to sending 50,000 brand new higher education books to rebuild the library’s collection. We already have the support of UK publishers who will donate the books, which we estimate will be worth over £1.7 million. But getting books overland to Mosul is still a very difficult – and expensive – exercise.

This year alone, need to raise £30,000 to select and ship 15,000 books to Mosul -and we need your help to make this commitment a reality. Please donate now

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