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You pay for the books and never receive any of them!

Every month, our 5,000 Reverse Book Club members help to send thousands of books to those who need them most.

Millions of people live in a world without books. They cannot afford to buy books and in schools many pupils share tattered textbooks. Without books, they are unable to read, learn and thrive.

This is why every year, we send around one million carefully selected, brand new books to schools, refugee camps, public and community libraries, hospitals, prisons and universities in Africa and beyond. From children’s books to textbooks, from medical to vocational books; we reach the readers who need them most.

I am Malala taught me to never give up even though things seem to be so hard.” – Winnie, 19, Rwanda

We couldn’t do it without our Reverse Book Club members. Join the club today and help send the next book to a reader like Winnie.

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