MEDIA RELEASE: Players of Postcode Lottery inspire readers in Malawi

9th March 2017 | News

Book Aid International today announced the launch of its flagship school library programme Inspiring Readers in Malawi thanks to funds from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. The programme has already reached 37,343 children in Cameroon and Kenya.

Inspiring Readers brings reading into African classrooms by providing Box Libraries full of 1,250 brand new books to schools, training teachers in how best to use the books and ensuring that each school has the on-going support of a professional librarian who has received specialist training from the charity.

Over the next four years, Book Aid International aims to expand Inspiring Readers and bring the joy of reading to 250,000 children in schools across sub-Saharan Africa.

Inspiring Readers is already reaching pupils in 50 schools in across Kenya and Cameroon. The programme’s first phase is now underway in Malawi where librarians are receiving specialist training in how to support

teachers when the Book Box libraries arrive in their schools.

Book Aid International’s Director, Alison Tweed, explained the programme saying:

Inspiring Readers aims to put brand new books into the hands of children in Africa who have very little chance of having books of their own at home and very few books at school. The programme is off to an outstanding start and the feedback we are receiving from pupils, teachers and librarians in both Kenya and Cameroon is just fantastic. We would not have been able to launch Inspiring Readers in Kenya or expand the programme to Malawi without funds from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery. I would like to thank every player for helping to make Inspiring Readers possible.”

Year five pupil in Cameroon, Justine, will soon join the 37,343 pupils who already have books in their schools thanks to Inspiring Readers. Despite her age, she was clear about the value of books in her classroom:

“I think libraries are important because they help pupils to learn how to read. I like reading books, but I don’t have any books at home. I will use my new library at least once a week and try to read at least three books per week. I am excited about the new library coming to my school!”

Book Aid International received £450,000 from players of People’s Postcode Lottery in 2016. In addition to funding Inspiring Readers in Kenya and Malawi, these funds have also enabled Book Aid International to set up five new Children’s Corners in public libraries in Zimbabwe and continue its work supporting 2,624 libraries in 12 African countries by donating brand new books.

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