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Project update: Increasing support to displaced people in Kenya

1st November 2017 | News

Over 10,500 brand new books are now on their way to support displaced people of all ages in the world’s two largest refugee camps.

Dadaab Refugee Complex in Kenya’s Garissa Province consists of four camps and with a population of more than 239,000[1], it is estimated to be the largest camp in the world. Kakuma Refugee Camp (pictured above) in the north western region of Kenya is the second largest with a population of 185,298 people[2]. Both camps were created in the early 1990s as people from Somalia and South Sudan fled civil war.


Morneau Shepell School
Pupils learning at the Morneau Shepell Boarding School in Kakuma


For many years we have partnered with Windle International Kenya which manages the secondary education programme in both camps and also provides a library service in Kakuma. The brand new books we send are used by secondary school pupils and adult to support their studies.


Primary school children
Young learners at Hope Early Childhood Development School


We are delighted to extend our work in Kakuma and Dadaab to support the reading journeys of people in the camps from the earliest age by supplying brand new books to the World Lutheran Federation which supports primary schools and Early Childhood Development centres for pre-schoolers in the two camps.


Yvonne successfully completed her secondary education and has now applied for a scholarship to study overseas


Books and schools are vital resources which provide camp residents with the chance to continue their educations and keep their skills up to date. For many in Kakuma, opportunities and movement are limited. Education can give young people a way out of the camp and books are an integral part of that:

In school, I used books throughout my whole process of learning. Without books I don’t think I would have learned anything and I would not have been qualified to apply for a scholarship [to a University in Canada].

Yvonne, Kakuma Refugee Camp

As part of our new Vision for 2020 strategy, we are committed to reaching people and communities that face the greatest barriers to reading, in particular those who have been displaced. Many people in Kakuma will have no access to books other than those in schools and libraries in the camp and we are therefore delighted to have the opportunity to work with Windle Trust and World Lutheran Federation to ensure the books they have access to are brand new and up-to-date.

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To find out more about our work to support displaced people and our work in Kenya, take a look at the links below.


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