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MEDIA RELEASE: Charities join forces to provide education and reading in Ghana

13th February 2018 | News

Book Aid International is pleased to announce that it is donating a total of 7,000 books to support AfriKids and the Sabre Trust’s work raising literacy standards for 4 to 8 year olds in some of Ghana’s most vulnerable communities.

In the regions of Ghana where AfriKids and Sabre Trust work, some studies suggest that just 2% of children can read a simple sentence in English or their mother tongue after 4 years of primary school. The charities are joining forces to support Afrikids’ ‘Foundations for Life’ programme, which aims to improve early literacy in 115 schools by providing training for Kindergarten teachers and form reading clubs in schools. The charities will also implement Sabre’s ‘Transformational Teacher Training’ programme which trains new and existing teachers in active and play-based learning for kindergarten.

The books being provided by Book Aid International include beautiful children’s books full of colourful pictures to help teachers ignite young readers’ excitement about reading and phonics books to help children begin to learn to read. These books will be an important resource for teachers, helping them enrich their classrooms and encourage young children to read. On 1st February, AfriKids and Sabre Trust both joined Book Aid International in their Camberwell warehouse, where together the charities stamped and packed 7,000 books ready for shipping.

Charlie Hay, Chief Operating Officer of AfriKids, explains the difference these books will make in Ghana: “Our early years work is transforming the first experience children have of school in very poor communities. It’s out with passive teaching, boring lessons and the cane, and in with exciting and fun ways to learn that really work and will help children go further in their studies. We’re delighted to be teaming up with Book Aid International to bring these amazing books to children who might never have seen one before, and help them develop a real love of reading and learning.”

Sabre Trust is also excited to be a part of the project. The charity is specifically focusing on the training element of the programme: Dominic Bond, Sabre’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “A major part of the training that the teachers receive revolves around story sharing and early reading skills, to build the foundations from which children can develop their literacy skills in primary school. Teachers are taught about the importance of books in helping to develop children’s language, literacy and imaginative skills. The books donated by Book Aid International will equip literacy centres in over 300 kindergarten classrooms, allowing children free access to storybooks and providing additional titles for teachers to use in their story sharing sessions.”

Both AfriKids and Book Aid International are supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, and the funding provided by the players is allowing these two small charities to amplify their joint impact. Book Aid International Chief Executive Alison Tweed spoke about her excitement about providing books to Ghana for the first time in many years thanks to players’ support:

“We’re delighted to be a part of helping AfriKids and the Sabre Trust increase early literacy in Ghana. We hope that the books we provide will help these children develop a love of reading which will stay with them throughout their lives, helping them succeed in education and enjoy a lifetime of reading.”

Both AfriKids and Book Aid International extend a warm thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their support.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have supported Book Aid International since 2014 and have so far provided a total of £1,350,000 to support Book Aid International. AfriKids has received £1,125,000 since 2015.



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