Reaching Cyclone affected children

29th March 2019 | News

On 14 March, Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall in Mozambique. Winds reached 106 mph and heavy rainfall caused disastrous flooding across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. 1.7 million people have been affected, homes have been swept away, roads destroyed and at least 700 people have been killed.

We are already hearing from our long-standing partners in Malawi and Zimbabwe that many schools have suffered heavy damage – and books have been lost to the floods. With our years of experience providing books across Malawi and Zimbabwe, we already have the networks in place to provide books where flood affected communities need them and are now working with our partners in both countries to provide the books that people need.

Books where they are needed most

In Malawi, we will shortly send a special donation of 20 Pioneer Book Boxes full of 4,000 brand new children’s books for Cyclone affected primary schools. Our partners, the Malawi National Library Service, will provide those boxes where they are affected most in the flood-affected regions of Malawi.

These sturdy, damp-proof boxes can be used in or outside the classrooms, offering children the chance to return to learning even where schools are still closed. We are also sending 1,000 secondary books for affected schools as well.

In Zimbabwe, our partners at the British Council reached out immediately following the storm to request books for the badly affected regions of Chimanimani and Chipinge. We have responded by sending 30 Pioneer Book Boxes with 6,000 brand new books for primary school age children who have lost everything.  We will also provide an additional 1,000 secondary school books.

How you can help

6,000 books is just the start, and we know many more books will be needed as children begin returning to schools to find the shelves bare. With your support, we will send many more books to disaster affected communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe.