Reni Eddo-Lodge

We’re going to Latitude!

20th May 2019 | News

We’re thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook on a very special literary event at Latitude festival this July!

Reclaiming the Dialogue: The Role of Books in a Changing World
With Reni Eddo-Lodge and Kerry Hudson
The SpeakEasy
Latitude, 18th – 21st July, Suffolk

Award-winning authors Reni Eddo-Lodge (Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race) and Kerry Hudson (Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away, and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Town) will discuss a the pivotal role books play in reclaiming the dialogue at a time of national and international division, economic imbalance and a loss of trust in news media.

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Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook Editor Alysoun Owen will chair the discussion and said: “We are delighted to partner once again with Book Aid International and with these two outstanding authors. They remind us of the power of words. Getting your voice heard is at the heart of what Writers & Artists do, handing out unrivalled advice about the writing process and getting published.”

Book Aid International’s Chief Executive Alison Tweed said: “Writers & Artists’ annual masterclasses in support of our work not only raise funds to help send more books but help spread word about the difference books are making for people across the world. We are therefore thrilled to have this opportunity to take our events ‘on the road’ and introduce our work to new audiences. We see first-hand in our work the power of books to broaden horizons and influence dialogues. Reni and Kerry’s discussion is incredibly timely and will be truly fascinating. We hope people will go away empowered.”

Since 2015, Writers & Artists has held an annual writing masterclass series led by award-winning authors including Matt Haig, Sally Green, Sally Gardener and Piers Torday. Half of all ticket sales are donated to support Book Aid International’s work to send brand new books to readers across the world living in communities where they would otherwise struggle to access the books they need. To date £10,000 has been raised.


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