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Our first STEM Study Hub opens in Ghana!

18th October 2019 | News

We’re delighted to announce that in partnership with the Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) we’ve opened our first STEM Study Hub in Ghana at the Accra Central Library, generously funded by Aggreko.

New Study Hub in Accra
The new STEM Study Hub at Accra Central Library about to be opened

The aim of the new STEM Study Hub is to enhance the Accra Central Library’s ability to support the city’s secondary school students in their study of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) and help them prepare for exams. There’s a particular focus on encouraging more girls to pursue further study and careers in STEM.

This new section of the library is filled with 1,800 brand new UK publisher-donated revision guides and STEM subject materials plus local curriculum text books and resources to assist secondary school students’ studies and exam preparation.

Opening the STEM Study Hub in Accra
Mr Hayford Siaw, Executive Director of Ghana Library Authority opens the new STEM Study Hub

Librarians overseeing the new Study Hub at the Accra Central Library have also taken part in training to strengthen their skills in supporting students in studying STEM subjects, undertaking research in the library, revising and how to tackle tricky exam questions.

Librarians also have also been equipped with copies of a special ‘Pass It!’ guide to use with students. The guide is filled with revision tips and real life case studies of women working in STEM careers.

Students at work using STEM books in Malawi
Secondary school students use books at a STEM Study Hub in Malawi

In addition, three local secondary schools in Accra (including one girls’ school) have each received a donation of 400 STEM books to further bolster students’ STEM studies. The donation also included some youth fiction and leisure reading to help students relax at what can be a particularly stressful time of their educational career.

A second Aggreko-funded STEM Study Hub is also opening at GhLA’s library in Koforidua in Ghana’s Eastern Region to support local students. This includes a donation of books to three secondary schools in the area.

We would like to thank Aggreko for their generous support of our STEM Study Hubs project in Ghana.

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