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A message from our Chief Executive, Alison Tweed

Alison Tweed, Chief Executive | 6th May 2020 | News

Dear friends,

As we face the unprecedented challenge of coronavirus and its impact on our lives, we are all reassessing what is most important to us and learning to go about our daily business differently. We are working at home, ordering our shopping online, enjoying the pleasure of a daily walk. And for many, with more time on our hands, we are rediscovering the pleasure of books and reading.

With bookshops shut (at the time of writing) we are turning to our shelves, discovering old favourites and re-reading them, but also books we have tucked away on our bulging shelves and half-forgotten. The pleasure of just having time to read is one of the huge compensations of this extraordinary period.

At times like this our thoughts also turn to our friends and colleagues around the world and the billions of people also suffering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. My thoughts are not only with our library partners who have, for safety reasons, shut their doors to the public for the time being, but also to the hundreds of millions of children not able to go to school. So many of them, at home with their families, will not have the comfort of a book at home, will not be able to go to their local community library, will miss out on their education.

Like me, I am sure you find yourself saying ‘when this is all over I’ll…’ Because we know life will return to normal at some point. And when it does we at Book Aid International will redouble our work to take the joy of books and reading to the schools and libraries and communities we support. We will celebrate together and as we do, we will remember the joy that books brought us when so much else was denied us.

At Book Aid International we are committed to long-term change through books, books that educate and entertain; books that improve-and change-lives. So thank you so much for your ongoing support. Together we can do something wonderful and the comfort and joy of books is needed now more than ever.

Warmest wishes,

Alison Tweed,
Chief Executive