A new space for learning

3rd March 2021 | News

We are so pleased to share an update of a recently completed Explorer Library in Sierra Leone!

Explorer Libraries provide everything a primary school needs to create a beautiful, welcoming library space dedicated to reading and learning.

Each school receives at least 2,000 books, a refurbishment grant to transform an empty space into a welcoming, child-friendly library, and teacher training to ensure schools can manage their new libraries and support pupils.

In Western Rural Freetown in Sierra Leone, Nibatt 13 Primary School, home to 512 pupils, developed their very own Explorer Library in 2020, using books that you helped to send.

Parents of pupils at the school work predominantly as fishermen and traders and the level of poverty is very high since the area is underdeveloped. Most people live in makeshift houses called Pan Body, which often have insufficient water supplies and no electricity. Very few children have books at home, so having up to date books at school is vital for learning.


Work started on transforming this old disused building


Now, thanks to our generous supporters, children at Nibatt 13 Primary School have a newly refurbished space dedicated to reading and learning and a selection of beautiful brand new books.

The pupils are glad to have such facility. The head teacher has prepared the school timetable for second term and has included library hour on the timetable. The pupils are using the library regularly

Violet Lenger-Fofanah, school staff

The space has been transformed

In addition to the carefully selected books, the teachers at the school also undertook training to assist the children in a range of reading activities that will help enhance comprehension, grow vocabulary, and improve confidence amongst the children. The three days training was facilitated by the Sierra Leone Library Board.

Staff training held by the Sierra Leone Library Board

The teachers returned to their schools with a wealth of knowledge on library management.

The Explorer Library will continue to create new opportunities and possibilities for pupils at the school for many years to come. Thank you to our supporters who made this project possible, without you, we simply couldn’t do what we do.