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Thank you for supporting World Book Day!

9th March 2021 | News

A huge thank you to everyone for taking part in this year’s World Book Day!

Thanks to you, we’ll be able to send even more books to those who need them most. This year, we aim to send one million brand new, carefully selected books – and because of you, we are one step closer to reaching that goal!

For any money raised that needs to be paid in, please head to the World Book Day website where you can find the donation details for schools and individuals.

“No parent should have to send their children to school knowing that they will have only an old, tattered textbook and no reading books at all – but that is the reality for millions of parents around the world. At Book Aid International, we work to give as many children as possible access to beautiful, brand new books that will help them succeed in education and open new doors. We very much hope you will help us to send more books to people around the world who need them by fundraising this World Book Day.” – Alison Tweed, Chief Executive of Book Aid International.



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