13,000 new books to Syria Relief

8th June 2021 | News

After nine years of war in Syria, many children, students and adults have experienced violence, destruction and loss. 

Homes have been shattered, families split up and many schools and educational facilities destroyed, leaving millions displaced, damaging 40% of Syria’s schools and leaving 2.1 million children out of education. 

We’ve been working with charity Syria Relief to help provide over 13,000 brand new, up to date books for new education centres around the country. 


These books help to improve the quality of education, provide teaching staff with the relevant resources needed for lesson planning, provide important academic references for students and encourage reading for pleasure. 


We thank you very much for the library’s enrichment of English books as the library now becomes diversified in both Arabic and English. They are valuable and precious books with a variety of topics and even a children’s selection.

– Firas, Head of Culture at the Culture Authority and Bushra, University coordinator.



Every £2 we receive helps us send another book to someone who needs it most. This includes working with partners like Syria Relief to provide books to places where conflict has often robbed entire communities of their homes. Books offer the opportunity to continue education, escape into a good story, learn a new skill and find hope for a brighter future. Thank you for your support in helping us to reach them.

Image © Syria Relief