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New support from Novus banking

24th August 2021 | News

We are delighted to be chosen as a charity partner for the next generation banking and lifestyle app, Novus.

Novus is a brand-new banking app which aims to allow consumers to contribute to a positive future for all every time they make a payment. The platform will allow users to choose the cause they care about most and will make a small contribution to the customer’s charity of choice with every purchase at no extra cost.  

Every £2 raised on the app will allow us to provide another carefully selected, brand new book to a community where people would otherwise have few books, or even none at all. 

Our Chief Executive, Alison Tweed, spoke about the new partnership:  

‘We believe, as Novus does, that everyone has a role to play in building a more sustainable future for all. So we are delighted to announce this exciting new collaboration, and to be a part of a growing movement of conscious consumers who want to do good in the world. We look forward to sending many more life-changing books to those around the world who need them most with Novus’ support and to being a part of Novus’ journey.’ 

Novus CEO Hristian Nedyalkov spoke of why we were chosen to be amongst their first 10 charity partners, saying:  

“It’s crucial to us that our charity partners are firstly helping to solve some of the world’s biggest social and environmental problems and secondly able to provide a tangible impact to Pound ratio so that our members can see exactly the positive impact they are helping to create. In Book Aid International’s case this was a no brainer – supporting access to education unlocks so many opportunities to change lives for the better. Every £2 shared with Book Aid International through the Novus app equates to one brand new book distributed to unlock education for someone in need.” 

Other charities nominated to be Novus’ charity partners include Bloody Good Period, Sightsaver, Charity: water, FareShare and SolarAid.  

To find out more about Novus, when it will launch and how to join, please visit  www.Novus.world.