“Everyone in the community can find a book to read”

3rd November 2021 | News

You may remember our post announcing that the African Publishing Innovation Fund (APIF) – a grant co-led by Dubai Cares and implemented by the International Publishers Association (IPA) – had chosen to fund five projects across Africa, with our Zanzibar Community Container Library being one. 

Since then, the programmes team here at Book Aid International have been working hard in partnership with Zanzibar Library Service to create this new library in the city of Dunga. 

The library is made up of three old shipping containers which have been transformed into a tranquil space for reading and learning. 

Thanks to the wonderful support we’ve received, the library is now filled with 5,000 brand new books and a range of locally purchased books. It’s been fitted with locally sourced furniture and staff are being trained to help promote the new resource and manage the books.

Work began in spring this year to transform the shipping containers
The space is now transformed into a bright new library!

For a community that had little to no access to high-quality reading materials, this library offers a space where children can enjoy reading, young people can study for exams and adults can read for pleasure and learn new skills.

“We are excited that a library has been set up in our region. This library will help us greatly. We can now access books easily within Dunga area. We used to spend a lot of time and transport money to go to Ungunja library.  This library is a great relief. We can simply walk or cycle to the library. The library has a variety of books to cater for all age groups.  Everyone in the community can find a book to read.”

– Said Musa, Head of Administration Department, Kati District