Ten reasons to celebrate 2021!

20th December 2021 | News

Thanks to our brilliant supporters, this Christmas there’s plenty to celebrate. Here are ten highlights from 2021 that give us all reason to cheer as the year draws to a close.  

Over one million brand new books for readers around the world

Despite lock downs, the global shipping crisis and HGV driver shortage we’ve been able to provide more than one million brand new books to readers in 24 countries. They ranged from picture books for the youngest children right through advanced law and medical texts for practising professionals – and they’re giving millions of people access to life-changing information.   

55 new partnerships

We forged 55 new partnerships with organisations who believe, as we do, in the power of books. They will all make brand new books available to the readers they support and 28 of our partners work directly with refugees.    

290,883 children inspired to read across Africa

Our Inspiring Readers programme exceeded its target – bringing books to the classrooms of over 290,000 African Primary school pupils since 2016. Read the full report here.

Three shipping containers, and one extraordinary library

In rural Zanzibar, we transformed three shipping containers into a thriving Community Container Library – giving 57,000 people access to books for the first time.  

14,000 children reading at home

Over 14,000 children in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zanzibar and Kenya can take books home with them now and during any future lockdowns through our newest programme, Books to Go.

17 Solar Libraries in Malawi

In Malawi, 17,383 children can borrow both beautiful, brand new books and solar lamps to keep learning after dark through our Solar Libraries project.

28,507 local books purchased

We invested more than £97,000 in purchasing over 28,000 locally published books, putting familiar stories and characters within reach for thousands of children.   

3,000 books for Syria

A decade of war has devastated Syria, but still students are determined to learn – so we provided 3,000 brand new books to support their inspiring efforts.   

609 empowered teachers and librarians

We trained over 600 teachers and librarians, giving them the skills and confidence to help children discover a world of reading.  

Children’s Corner for Somaliland

The Children’s Corner we opened in Somaliland’s National Library is both our first in the region and the country’s first dedicated reading space for children in a public library. 


These are of course just ten highlights amongst many, and every book you’ve helped us send in 2021 has given a reader like Martha the chance to learn and to achieve their dreams:  

I want to finish school, go to university and be a doctor. I want to take my medical exam and pass. Books give me hope for my future because I have seen others in books doing things that I want to do.

We can only give Martha and millions like her access to books because you choose to support our work – and this Christmas, we would like to thank you for the reasons to celebrate you’ve given readers around the world this year!  

 We wish you a very happy festive season.  

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