Getting started with Open Doors in Zimbabwe

30th March 2016 | Blog

Together with our partners in Zimbabwe, we are currently working to establish five new Children’s Corners in public libraries as part of our Open Doors programme. Recently our Head of Programmes travelled to Zimbabwe to visit the libraries and conduct our baseline assessments. Here’s Samantha’s account of her trip.

The purpose of the trip was to conduct baseline surveys of the selected libraries which will be included in the Zimbabwe phase of our Open Doors Children’s Corners programme. The programme aims to engage children in reading by providing child-friendly spaces in public libraries where they can read, play and learn. Doing baselines surveys is really a way of measuring activities in the library now so that when we’ve completed the project we’ll be able to tell what impact the new Children’s Corners are having.

I visited each site and conducted a questionnaire gathering details about the library – how it operates currently, how the children use it and the current skills of the librarians. It was also a great opportunity to share the concept of the Open Doors programme with the librarians, get them excited about the project and answer their questions. I also take photos of the library spaces so we can monitor the progress of the project against this starting point.