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Eight reasons why Reverse Book Tokens make great charity gifts

Looking for a charity gift for the book-lover in your life? We have just the thing.

In my work at Book Aid International, I get to enjoy chatting with supporters like you about how your support helps us to share the power of books with millions of people. I also get to enjoy thinking about giving the gift of reading all year round!

Whether for Valentine’s Day, a special birthday or just a way of letting someone know they’re in our thoughts, many of us are always on the lookout for an affordable, personal gift for the book lovers in our lives.

Luckily, we’ve got just the solution! Here are eight reasons to buy a Reverse Book Token as a charity gift.

It’s great for book lovers.

No more room on the shelves of the book lover in your life? Not to worry!

When you buy a Reverse Book Token, we’ll send books on the recipient’s behalf and send you a beautiful card to give them. It doesn’t take up any precious shelf space, and still lets you share in their passion for books.

It’s quick.

Sending a Reverse Book Token takes only a few clicks. No browsing online for hours or getting stressed in the shops, guaranteed!

It’s personal.

It’s always good to add a personal touch to a gift to a loved one, and with space to write your own message in your book token, we’ve made it easier than ever. We’ll let them know how many beautiful books have been sent on their behalf, and you can add the personal touch.

We have beautiful new designs!

Our recently revamped Reverse Book Token designs give a fresh new look to our gift cards and let you know more about some of the people whose lives have been shaped by access to books.

It’s affordable.

As it costs us £2 to send a book, buying a Reverse Book Token as a charity gift is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big difference. With four prices of gift card to choose from, there’s flexibility for different budgets alongside the certainty that your donation will have an impact.

It’s an ethical gift.

Gift giving is a great opportunity to put some good out into the world. Letting your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them by giving an ethical gift like a charity book token is a very simple way to do this. And it makes a genuine difference.

No wasteful gifts.

Research published in 2021 indicated that an estimated £733 million is wasted each year on unwanted Christmas gifts. By donating giving a Reverse Book Token, you can give a heartfelt gift and be sure that the expense will not be a waste. Your donation can provide 5, 10, 15, or 25 books to people who would otherwise have no books at all.

You’ll be helping readers like George, Eunice, Eletina and Naluca.

At the heart of everything we do are people who use the power of books to shape their lives. You can read the stories of the people I’ve named on the inside of our new Reverse Book Tokens. Or you can meet a few readers now.

Happy shopping!

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