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Ever seen a four-legged library?

Mustafe Osman Abdi runs a very special library for remote communities in Somaliland– where every book is transported by camel.  This is his story.

I always say education is light. It’s the most important thing that led the world to develop. And here, in my community in Somaliland, the camel library has brought us light.  

Life is hard for a lot of people here. It can be a struggle to earn enough to eat and meet basic needs. But one thing we do have is the camel library. 

The camel library is so far the biggest support we have received. It means books, provided by Book Aid International, now reach people in even the most remote places.  

Many people here are pastoralists. They move from place to place so their cattle can graze. But however far they travel, the camels can get to them. Step by step, making their way slowly through the sand, they walk with boxes of brand-new books strapped to their backs in blankets.  

People know that those who are educated can provide for their families. These books have a lot of knowledge in them. We read them to get wisdom.

Reading is the difference between a person living in light, and a person living in the dark.  

Some people here are not able to read or write, but using the books I can guide them.  

Looking at the future, I expect the young generation will be able to read and write, and they will educate the following generation. That way we achieve a community that is able to read and write. People are learning English and expanding their perspective on the world. 

Before we didn’t have these books, but now that we have them, we are teaching our children. So the library is important for us. People wait for it to arrive, to see what they can read next.  

Everyone has a right to read – wherever they live – and by supporting Book Aid International, you can help more projects like the camel library bring light to people’s lives.  

You can get more books to some of world’s most remote communities, and help people change their lives forever.  

Please donate today to get brand new books to people everywhere from remote mountain villages to refugee camps.  

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