The pandemic affected me greatly because I feel like I am behind at school, and that makes me sad.

George, Ghana
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Learning after lockdown

Meet one student who realised the true value of education when his school was closed on and off for months at a time due to Covid-19.

There are many young people whose studies have been interrupted by the pandemic. One of those students is 16 year old George Osafo, who lives in Ghana. George usually studies at his school library, but from May to October 2020 it was closed due to the virus.

The pandemic affected me greatly because I feel like I am behind at school, and that makes me sad. But I am hopeful because I can now study in the library and have access to books again. I once read a book about electrical engineering and how it improved the world. If it wasn’t for the library I wouldn’t have found out about this career path.

With the library closed and no books at home, George was left at a loss – unable to pursue his dreams and anxious about his future, but as schools and libraries around the world open up once again, students are hopeful they can continue to work towards a brighter future. George still worries that his younger siblings will be left without books if they cannot access a library.

If you cannot read, you cannot lead. Readers are leaders. I wish more books would come in so my younger siblings can also get access.”

With your support, we can continue to send brand new up to date books to those who need them most, including educational books to Ghana for students like George.

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