I like reading and I like learning new things from books.

Omar, Syria
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A Syrian childhood

12 year old Omar* lives with his family in Idlib, the last major opposition-controlled area in Syria. Civilians there live under the constant threat of bombing, shelling and fighting between different armed groups.

Omar has lost friends to the conflict, yet he continues to dream of his future career. Books that you have helped to send are now on their way Omar’s school to give him and his friends new material to inspire their childhood dreams. Here, Omar tells us more about his life in Idlib and his hopes for the future.

“I live in Idlib with my family: my mum, my dad and my older sister who is 13 years old. Syria is a beautiful country with very peaceful people but then bad people came and there was a war.

This summer I played football with my friends and my dad taught me how to ride a bicycle.

At school, I am in sixth grade. I enjoy going to school. My favourite subject is science and I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I love science, especially finding out about the trees and the plants.

In my school there is a little library. I sometimes bring books back home from school. Either I read them or my mum reads us a story before we go to sleep. I like reading and I like learning new things from books.

I can’t believe it, are you really sending us new books?

I am very happy about this. I am excited to receive some new science books.

I hope that after the war, Syria will go back to being a beautiful and peaceful country as it used to be.

We are waiting for the books!

*Omar’s name has been changed for security reasons.

With thanks to Syria Relief/Action for Humanity. All images (C) Syria Relief/Action for Humanity

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