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Helping Justin become a lawyer

Justin lives in one of the world’s biggest refugee camps, but he still has ambitious plans – and books are helping him make his dream a reality. This is his story. 

My name is Justin and I’m 18 years old. I live with my aunt because my mom has passed away. My sister and I live with her together.  

I was in South Sudan but there is a lot of conflict. It became unsafe for my aunt, so she had to run and left us with our grandma.  

Then the police helped us get to a placed called Kapoeta in South Sudan. From there, a vehicle from the World Food Programme gave us a lift to the Kenyan border and then we made our way to Kakuma refugee camp.  

When we arrived in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, we were glad that we were safe and we got help. I’m glad because of the school that I’m in right now. I work hard, and I earn very good marks even though I’m not Kenyan. I had to struggle. I started in Form 1, but now I am in Form 3.

I want to change the life of my aunt. Sometimes she feels like giving up. Me and my sister, we are the ones giving her hope. We want to make her life better.  

I want to be a lawyer because the place where I come from people don’t follow rules and regulations.  

I love reading. Especially, I love reading history. The English books that are inside the library, actually they help me lot. Because whenever I find myself reading those books, my English improves too.  

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I totally enjoy education! I love it because in future I want to change my life.

Justin, Kenya

To be a lawyer you need to be good in languages. You need to be good in English. So I come inside the library, I take novels I revise them and they improve my vocabulary so I can make my career bright. 

So really, these books have changed my life. If I had no access to books life would be very bad. I would not be able to reach the place where I want to be.

I’m just praying to God, let me to succeed in life. Whatever, happens I won’t give up.  

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