Kenneth's story

At Nketa Library, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Kenneth attended primary and secondary school in Bulawayo but because he doesn’t have a birth certificate, he was unable to progress to further education. He had always had a passion for drawing and painting and he set out in his adult life to be an artist.

He was able to attend Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre in Bulawayo and one of the tutors noticed he was was a promising artist with real potential. He recommended Kenneth read a book on graphic design which Kenneth then borrowed from the library.



Kenneth’s art has improved greatly thanks to the book he found in the library. Now he is employed as an artist by Bulawayo City Council and works on projects like the painting of Nketa Library Children’s Corner. Kenneth has helped to make this Children’s Corner an inspiring place for children to discover the joy of reading, to find books like the one that made such a difference to him.


Painting at Nketa


He was 40 when he first read the book on graphic design and he wishes he had found it earlier as his career could have progressed more quickly.



But he is proud of what he’s managed to achieve, even without the necessary paperwork to attend formal higher education. Now he can make a difference for other young people who might face similar challenges.