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Your gift of books will give children the tools to build a better future.

There are an estimated 100 million street children globally. Accra, the capital of Ghana, alone is home to an estimated 60,000 street children.

Street children are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation – and are often deprived of an education that could lift them out of poverty. But they still have big dreams – and the books you send this Christmas will offer them a safe haven, the opportunity to learn and the tools to reach their dreams.

Since 2018, we have sent 21,525 books to support street children across Africa. Thanks to you, thousands of vulnerable children are now reading. But so many more still need access to books – and every £2 you give will send another book.

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Mary reads every day in her local library and is thriving in school thanks in large part of the support of our partners in Accra, Ghana, the Street Children Empowerment Foundation.

But there are so many children like Mary who still have no books. Their parents are desperate to give them a brighter future, but they need your help.

I didn’t have books as a child so I can’t read. I’m so happy my twins can read. They have already gotten to a level I didn’t get to. Books are really important for their future. I want them to go far.
Matilda, Richard and Richardson’s mother

It costs just £2 to send the next book – and the book you send could ensure that Matilda’s children don’t follow her into a life of poverty and uncertainty. Please give what you can today using the link below, by calling us on 020 7733 3577 or emailing

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Every £2 you donate helps send another book

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