Help restore the library IS destroyed

Mosul University Library once housed more than one million books. In 2015, IS burned the library down. Help us raise £100,000 to send 50,000 new books,

The library’s destruction was a deliberate attack on learning and free thought. UNESCO called it “one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history.”

Life is now returning to Mosul – but the 50,000 students and university staff are struggling to complete their academic work without the books they need.

We are working closely with local non-profit The Mosul Book Bridge to restock the library to source brand new, up-to-date books specific to Mosul University’s needs. We have already sent over 5,000 brand new books – but that is just the start.

Transport and security challenges mean that the cost of these shipments is very high, which is why we are asking you to donate the funds needed to send more books to Mosul. We need to raise £100,000 so that we can send 50,000 brand new books. Please donate now.

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Find out more about our partners in Mosul, Mosul Book Bridge.