Mosul University Library once housed more than one million books, including many modern texts as well as periodicals dating back to 1700 CE and versions of the Quran from the 19th century.

The library was among the first institutions targeted by IS forces after their occupation of Mosul in 2014. They would later burn it completely, destroying nearly all of its contents and the building’s structure.

Following the liberation of Mosul from IS forces, some 50,000 students and university staff returning to the university are struggling to learn without the books they need.

We are working closely with the Mosul Book Bridge team to restock the library to source brand new, up-to-date books specific to Mosul University’s needs. After months of planning, the first shipment of 3,700 books arrived on 12th March 2018, and another shipment of 5,000 books is departing soon – but that is just the start.

The first shipment arriving in Mosul

Transport and security challenges mean that the cost of these shipments is very high, which is why we are asking you to donate the funds needed to send more books to mosul. For every £2 you give, we can send another book to Mosul University’s Library.

Give now

You can be a part of the library's future


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