A better future through reading

Children make up 40% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population and are key to the continent’s future. Yet for many of them the future isn’t nearly as bright as it should be due to a simple lack of books.

In many of their classrooms, children have to share copies of a single, out of date text book and almost none of the primary schools we work with have a library.

We envision a future where all African school children have access to the books they need. Our Inspiring Readers programme is how we’re working to make our vision a reality.

About Inspiring Readers

Over the next four years, Inspiring Readers will provide over 300 schools with Book Box Libraries of 1,250 brand new books as well as training for teachers and libraries to bring those books to life. These books will transform how the children experience reading by providing them with new, inspirational and appealing books in their classrooms.

Inspiring Readers will do more than bring books into schools – it will also encourage children to use their local libraries. Public and community libraries are hubs for schools in the surrounding community, giving children access to larger book collections, vibrant library spaces and the passion and expertise of their local librarians.

These books will help the children who read them succeed in school and feed their imaginations.

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How you can help

To make Inspiring Readers a success, we need to raise more than £800,000. We’re well on our way, with over £160,000 raised.

Your gifts will help children get the books they need for the best start in life:

  • £1,500 sends 1,150 carefully selected new books from the UK
  • £400 trains three teachers and two librarians
  • £250 purchases local books to inspire kid
  • £60 funds reading promotion activities

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If you have any queries, or would like to make an offline donation, please get in touch:

  • Email info@bookaid.org
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