Books on the move

Whether by bicycle, camel or motorcycle, your gifts ensure that books get to even the remotest communities.

For people living in isolated communities, visiting the nearest library is impossible. It could be days away.

We won’t stand by when people are unable to access books simply because of where they were born. With your help, we’ll get books to wherever they’re needed.

Our partners fill boats with books and travel across lakes. They travel through deserts and into mountain communities. They use bikes, motorcycles and even camels to make sure more people have the chance to read.

We are determined to provide our partners with the brand-new books that the people in their communities need. But without your support, we can’t send a single book.

Your gift will send more books to more libraries like these and get books to the communities that need them most.

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Every £2 can send a book to an isolated community.

Books on Bicycles

Thanks to your support, Rogers has the books that he needs to get people reading in Uganda’s remote villages. He founded his library under a tree with four boxes of books you helped send, and today runs a thriving library which sends books out to remote communities by bicycle.

This is the story of the bike library – and your gifts could help even more isolated communities like Rogers’ access books.

So many people in remote communities worldwide are never able to access a single book. Book Aid International urgently needs your support to get more books out to these readers.

Rogers, Uganda

Give now

Every £2 can send a book to an isolated community.

Image credits: Himac Media, Jjumba Martin and AfriKids