Aggreko is the world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control solutions and has been supporting our work since 2006.

Our partnership has grown over the years with Aggreko donating over £450,000. In the past, Aggreko has helped us open Children’s Corners in Cameroon and also funded our book provision prorgamme, putting brand new, carefully selected books into the hands of tens and thousands of people across Africa.

Most recently, Aggreko has supported our STEM Study Hub programme in Malawi and Ghana. The programme aims to ensure that all African secondary school pupils – and especially girls – have the books and support they need to explore science, technology, engineering and maths subjects and prepare for vital exams.

Investing in the next generation of STEM professionals is vital for Africa and also recognised by Aggreko in their global operations, and we are delighted that Aggreko is investing in STEM with us. So far, more than 3,300 young people have visited an Aggreko funded STEM Study Hub. 

Aggreko’s Managing Director in Africa, John Lewis, spoke of the company’s commitment to supporting our work saying:

“We believe that STEM careers will make the changes this world needs and finding the next generation of STEM professionals is key. Book Aid International focuses on the difference that education can make and in Africa. We believe that this programme can provide the platform that thousands of children need to learn and build for the future – theirs and ours.”

While all young people are benefitting from the Study Hub, the impact on girls has been particularly profound, with teachers reporting a dramatic improvement in young women’s confidence:

“Science is the mother subject. It tells us about what happens in the environment and what happens in life. The books have a lot of information. I like the images and illustrations, they help me understand more. I want to study medicine.”
– Nazia, 16, Form Four, Stella Maris Secondary School, Malawi.

We would like to warmly thank Aggreko for supporting thousands of young women like Nazia, and for all of their support over the years. 

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