Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house of both fiction and non-fiction books.

How does Bloomsbury Publishing support our work?

Bloomsbury Publishing was founded by Nigel Newton, who has been Book Aid International’s President since 2009.

Bloomsbury Publishing supports Book Aid International through donations of thousands of brand new books, funding and hosting events.

Over the last 12 months with the support of our publishing partners, including Bloomsbury, we have sent over one million brand new books to people around the world who would otherwise have few books, or even no books at all.

Bloomsbury Institute’s Writers & Artists has run a series of author-hosted writing Masterclasses in support of our work, donating 50% of the price of each ticket sold. To date, these have raised over £7,000 to support our work – a fantastic contribution.

We would like to thank Bloomsbury Publishing for their support.

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