Around the world, millions of people are unable to reach their full potential because of a basic lack of books.

In many communities, books are scarce and public, community and school libraries have limited budgets and few new books. At Book Aid International we supply new books which enrich, improve and change the lives of an estimated 19.5 million readers every year.

We only provide new, recently published books and, over 94% of these are donated by the book trade. These might be overstocks, returns or unwanted office copies. Thanks to the generosity of the publishing sector, we are able to send up to one million books to thousands of libraries, schools, hospitals, prisons and refugee camps every year. Find out more

Please contact Harry Boughton ( or call 020 77 33 3577 to discuss the specifics of the books we need and how you might be able to help. You can also learn more below.

Other ways to get involved

In addition to donating books, many publishers also choose to donate funds.

The financial support we receive from publishers allows us to send books to the people who need them most around the world – including in Syria and Mosul – and enables us to refurbish libraries, train teachers and librarians and inspire young readers.

If you would like to discuss a donation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 020 77 33 3577 or emailing

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