Why donate books?

By donating books to Book Aid International you can play a part in bringing the joy of reading to millions of people who might otherwise have no access to books. We rely on donations of new books from publishers to supply our library partners with the materials their readers need, offering people the opportunity to improve their own lives.

Each year, donations from publishers enable us to supply up to one million new books, benefiting around 24 million people annually. With your help we can change lives.

As a book donor, you will receive:

  • an annual report on where your books have gone and how they have been used
  • a mention in our annual review
  • opportunities for news of your book donations to be shared on social media, to contribute content to our blog and receive content from us for your website, blog or internal communications
  • a quarterly e-newsletter
  • volunteering opportunities for staff to help in our warehouse
  • opportunities to attend publisher-facing events such as our quiz night

Certain categories of books are always in demand in the libraries we support. Please click here to help us meet the needs of our library partners.

For further information and to donate books, contact Harry Boughton.


What your donations can achieve

Choosing books at Gulu Hospital LibraryThanks to the new and relevant medical books that we receive from publishers, we have been able to help Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda, which previously had only a few shelves of out-of-date books, to create a library which spans several rooms and supports clinical staff from the hospital and students from four medical colleges in Gulu. Read more.

NakasekeFor many people in areas like Nakaseke in Uganda, the local library provides the only access people have to books and is therefore vital to the whole community. From farmers to children, schools, students and general readers, the new books we supply provide the people of Nakaseke with the resources they need to run their businesses, develop their skills and improve their own lives through reading. Read more.

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