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Just £2 sends the next brand-new book to a community where people would have few books, or no books at all.

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At Book Aid International we share the power of books and help create a more equal world. 

Around the world, there are millions of people who don’t have the books they need. Millions of school children must try to learn to read with just an old textbook, and millions of people have never experienced the joy of settling down with a great book.

That’s why every year we provide over one million new books every year in the places where they will make the biggest difference, and we set up libraries, train people to run them and work with our partners to spark a love of reading.  

We work everywhere from refugee camps, prisons and hospitals to remote schools where there has never been a library before. Every book we send is selected in response to partners’ requests, ensuring it meets communities’ needs.

I’ve seen how books give people power. For example, I’ve seen people read books about agriculture and start growing enough food to sell.

Rogers Serunjogi, library founder, Uganda

Last year we gave 13.1m people the opportunity to read. But there are so many people worldwide who have no books at all.

Your gift today could put a book into the hands of a Syrian refugee fleeing war, could stock the shelves of a Ukrainian library which has lost its collection in the war or open up a world of possibilities for a child who’s never seen a children’s book before.

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A gift of just £2 will send another brand-new book.

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